“Our child is currently enrolled in the Purple ‘Potamus summer camp, and junior kindergarten. The learning environment for my child is excellent, the Purple ‘Potamus summer camp is very academically focused but also is a great mix of fun and play! We loved the pet land experience, and the beautiful crafts our child brought home each and every day. The teachers are experienced, and made us, and our child feel comfortable.
– Dylan Gahir

“The teachers Ms Sarah and Yaqoot take such wonderful care of my son. He enjoys and even looks forward to his time at school. Despite the first few weeks of tears during drop-offs, he was an overall happy guy when I went to go pick him up. This is very unusual of him as he is a very shy toddler, who never likes to be away from home or his family. I am so happy I chose Purple Potamus :)”
– Aisha Kitchlew

““Every day my daughter looks forward to coming to school. She very much enjoys her time in school and learning new things each and every day. She participates in a variety of activities and her learning is visible at home. The curriculum is great. Academically and Socially both this school is best in Panorama community.”
– Rashi Musaddi

“My family lives close to the school so we decided to send our child there . We really like the new owners as they are hands on . My child has been going there for about 4 months now and the level of care they give cannot be compared to others . Thank you so much for appreciating our business”
– Hang Diep

“Special Needs: I have my second son this year in Purple Potamus and he is also receiving therapy for a speech delay through I’m for kids team that works directly with Purple ‘Potamus. He looks forward to school and learning because they make it a fun place to be. I have seen a great improvement already in his speech. I love to see his confidence grow as he develops new skills.
Parent Involvement: There is a lot of parent involvement whether it be a field trip to the farm, vet clinic, grocery store, seniors home or library for giving them first hand experience. Parents are always requested if they want to join as volunteers. I have been to a few and thoroughly enjoyed getting invoved with kids. I was also scheduled a time for us to observe the class on my request to see the polite and positive interaction with children. The teachers are very professional in the way they interact with the parents and the students, it sets a great example for everyone. Purple Potamus includes all different cultures, they have days where the students can dress up like their heritage and come to school. It really allows the kids to see what a diverse culture we live in and they get to know their fellow students a little better. Also the students get to learn different languages through songs and story’s, it warms my heart when they are singing a french song or say something in Spanish. I would recommend this preschool to any parent looking to enroll their kids in preschool. I have really enjoyed watching my children learn new things and they really enjoyed going to Purple Potamus. Purple Potamus has been an important stepping stone to my childrens learning and will continue to recommend it as a preschool for moms who have children just entering the school system. Thanks to the whole team at Purple Potamus for being so amazing!!!! ”
– Terra, Parent

“When my daughter started at Purple ‘Potamus she was nearly 4 and was very nervous and had separation anxiety issues (no daycare or previous camps/classes to get her used to leaving Mom). It was a tough start and she would cry at the start, but the teachers were SO incredibly supportive, and caring, and they handled each day with a bright smile and really helped her adjust. She found so much comfort seeing them each day, and talked about her teachers endlessly at home. By the end of the year you’d never guess she was the same kid! Completely outgoing, lively, playful, and a great participator in all the class activity and performances. Purple Potamus made an incredible difference in her life, and made the journey into Kindergarten a joy for her and us as parents! Throughout the year she grew in so many ways: confidence (!), 4 languages (yup!), letters/reading, friendship, culture, patience, communication, creativity and concentration. The curriculum at Purple Potamus was appropriate and thorough, and she learned each subject deeply. I attribute a lot of her success in Kindergarten (and she’s excelling) to how she was taught in preschool. Her year at Purple Potamus was very memorable, her sister can’t wait to attend, and it really enriched her life. Plus she made some great friendships that have carried into Kindergarten.”
– Blaine, Parent

“Another important component of children’s development is nurturing their individuality, however they may express it. Purple ’Potamus kids learn how to say hello in several languages, recognize major cultural celebrations and share special days through show and tell or snack time. Perhaps more importantly, children’s unique situations are respected and their development is structured to meet their comfort level. I was very impressed to see a grandmother become a ‘permanent‘ volunteer for the first two months of preschool when her granddaughter cried inconsolably every time she was brought to school. Eventually, the grandmother phased herself out of attendance and the granddaughter now thrives at the school because her fears were addressed and conquered jointly by the family and the school.”
– Jyoti, Parent

“The monthly newsletters make me feel so connected with my daughter , I’m always updated and I always feel that even though I’m not with Nadine at school, I still participate in what’s she’s doing . I wait, literally every time, for the craft that she’s doing that day. Dolly makes sure that every parent KNOWS, and that for me is very important.”
– Zainab, Parent

“The school takes great care in providing children with any extra help they may need. Through the “I’m For Kids” program it was identified our son had trouble with “f” in a word. In the short time they have been working with our son we have seen great improvement in his pronunciation of “f’s” in a word. Although this may seem small there are many other children who have and will receive much more in-depth help through the preschool and the programs they support.”
– Curtis and Sarah, Parents

“One of the greatest things about Purple ’Potamus’ is focusing on diversity and respect to all other cultures. As an immigrant to this country I’m so grateful that my daughter is learning that people are different, she now understand that there are a lot of different languages and nationalities and she is always excited to learn about them. Thanks to all the school activities that emphasise the concept of respect to everyone.”
– Zainab, Parent

“Purple Potamus has taught my son Samuel about friendship, communication, and other cultures. I’m very happy with the choice we made with putting our son in Dolly’s pre school. The change in my son is amazing and my family has even noticed. My brother is now considering putting his children in the same pre school”
– Jennie Griffith, Parent

“To the Teachers of Purple ‘Potamus: THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! This is one of my favorite actiity/experiment that we did while at Purple Potamus. This was taken after 7 days we started making this ‘CATTERPILLER’ grass. I enjoyed watching how it grows. And the same feeling as I know for sure that you also enjoyed watching me as I learned and GROW while I’m at your school. Anyway,I thank you for everything especially for being patient and WONDERFUL teacher to me. You all will be missed
– Love, Kei Mumma-Martin Click here to see Kei’s Caterpillar