Purple Potamus

Preschool and Junior Kindergarten

A Journey of Creativity & Learning 
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Purple Potamus Preschool and Junior Kindergarten 

We believe that early years education plays a significant role in bringing out the lifelong learner in each child. Young minds possess a natural curiosity, a desire to explore and learn more about the world around them in fun and interactive ways. In Purple Potamus Preschool and Junior Kindergarten, our team is passionate to nurture each child and model the love for learning, celebrate their unique spirit, and instill positive values that will stay with them for the rest of their lives, such as Social Development, Emotional Regulation. Our curriculum focuses on an integrated approach designed to establish a solid foundation for your child and build confidence, all in a welcoming, open, loving environment. We offer a high quality education designed program that focuses on Literacy, Math, Science, Arts and craft and Sensory.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Purple ‘Potamus Preschool is to create dynamic and welcoming environments that are interesting to Explore, Challenging to the Intellect, Beautiful to the Eyes and Sensory rich to texture, taste, touch, and smell.
Our program has both self-directed and teacher-directed activities that are designed to develop and enhance your child’s senses, in turn building the confidence your child needs for lifelong learning and self-growth. Each child is respected as an individual and our program plans are tailored to reflect their needs and concerns.

Our Beliefs

Tell Me & I Forget • Show Me & I Remember • Involve Me & I understand
We believe that children learn best by being actively involved in their own learning through a variety of hands on activities. These activities are meaningful for the children ,appropriate for each child’s developmental level and are designed to allow each child to progress at his or her own pace.
We believe that self-esteem is the foundation upon which all-learning rests. If children feel safe, they can take risks, ask questions, make mistakes, and learn to trust and share their feelings. We believe that each child is unique and holds special talents and wondrous gifts.

Our Goals

Provide a safe, caring, hygienic, healthy, happy, stable and educational environment that stimulates growth and development.
Provide a quality facility suitable for the functions and demands of childcare and preschool learning.
Focus on the well being and self worth of each child by encouraging, supporting, and providing numerous opportunities for the enhancement of each child’s spirit. We celebrate their individuality by offering diverse range of activities and projects that will enhance their physical, emotional, intellectual, social and cognitive abilities.
Nurture and train our staff to enable them to care for your children with utmost passion and sincerity.
Respect every individual and cultural differences.
Activities, structured and unstructured, cognitive and creative, for fun and for laughter – all designed to make your child’s learning a fun experience!


Rashi Musaddi

““Every day my daughter looks forward to coming to school. She very much enjoys her time in school and learning new things each and every day. She participates in a variety of activities and her learning is visible at home. The curriculum is great. Academically and Socially both this school is best in Panorama community.”

Hang Diep

“My family lives close to the school so we decided to send our child there . We really like the new owners as they are hands on . My child has been going there for about 4 months now and the level of care they give cannot be compared to others . Thank you so much for appreciating our business”


“One of the greatest things about Purple ’Potamus’ is focusing on diversity and respect to all other cultures. As an immigrant to this country I’m so grateful that my daughter is learning that people are different, she now understand that there are a lot of different languages and nationalities and she is always excited to learn about them. Thanks to all the school activities that emphasise the concept of respect to everyone.”

Curtis & Sarah

“The school takes great care in providing children with any extra help they may need. Through the “I’m For Kids” program it was identified our son had trouble with “f” in a word. In the short time they have been working with our son we have seen great improvement in his pronunciation of “f’s” in a word. Although this may seem small there are many other children who have and will receive much more in-depth help through the preschool and the programs they support.”